From Burning Blocks To Building Blocks

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Introduced to the criminal life at an early age on the merciless streets of the South Bronx, William Licea, aka Cuban Will, the son of Cuban immigrants spent most of his youth and adult life in prison, but nothing could prepare him for being released back into society at nearly forty years of age, with no life skills other than the will to redeem himself and atone for his past sins. At age thirty-eight he started at the bottom of the New York skyscraper business as a day laborer and gradually worked his way up to being an industry leader where he continues to give other inmates a second chance by employing those willing to work in the construction industry. The title, From Burning Blocks To Building Blocks, is not only metaphor, but reflects Will’s actual past and present life.

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1 review for From Burning Blocks To Building Blocks

  1. Anthony Noonan

    Not only has this man changed his life and prospered, he has touched other’s lives also, for the better. Will has been a mentor for my brothers and I. He showed us there are many paths in life, and how to choose the best one for ourselves and family. Not to be selfish when making decisions and think about the future before every move. Will has showed me with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. In life sometimes people have to take the hard path, to pave the way for others. Burning Blocks to Building Blocks gives you a lifetime of wisdom to help anyone on their journey.

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